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Erin Daugherty & Matthew Domingo. Founders of Farm to Fork Events.



Matthew DomingoFounder & Director

Erin DaughertyFounder & Service Manager

The 2011 CHEFS


David Padberg Park Kitchen

Troy MacLarty – Grain and Gristle

Jason French – Ned Ludd

Jon Moch – Celilo

Braden Hitt – Smithfields

Neil Clooney – Smithfields

Farm to Fork Events, Oregon Farm Dinners Celebrating Local Farmers, Local Wineries, Local Food Artisan and the Local Food Community. Farm Dinner at Wealth Underground in Portland Oregon.


Matthew Domingo

Matthew is FARM to FORK’s Director and Resident Jack-of-All Trades. His love affair with food began at a young age. He remembers his grandfather dropping off coolers full of live Dungeness crab or fresh-caught salmon on the doorstep. Whole pigs were roasted for family gatherings. The road trip to a local oyster farm was a yearly occurrence. An adolescent obsession with cookbooks and the food network developed into a small catering and personal chef business, a quarter-life crisis led to a Culinary Arts Degree, and an enlightenment at Park Kitchen under chefs Scott Dolich and David Padberg magnified a passion for farm-to-table cuisine, local farms and culinary excellence. Since moving from Portland to Ashland, Matthew has been immersed in Southern Oregon’s local and sustainable food community. He is excited to work with local producers and farmer friends, and create something special in Oregon. He firmly believes that a strong and vibrant local food system is the foundation of any sustainable local economy.


Erin Daugherty

Erin is FARM to FORK’s Service Manager, Wine Steward and All-Around Rock Star. Her work ethic, patience and infectious smile form the glue that holds this farm dinner outfit together. Erin’s history with good, clean and fair food began at childhood on her parents’ 200 acre organic beef ranch & blueberry farm on the Southern Oregon Coast. On the ranch, eating locally and seasonally was a way of life, and this experience formed the basis of Erin’s holistic approach to food and wellness. Which is why she is proud to be an integral part of an organization whose mission is to reconnect people to family farmers, and to the lost art of eating with the seasons. Erin has spent the past 3 years studying wine, and recently completed the Advanced Sommelier Certificate Program. In addition to her work at FARM to FORK, she has been practicing bodywork as a Licensed Massage Therapist for the past 8 years.


David Padberg

David was inspired to a culinary career during the summer of 1994. A summer road trip with college friends found him working the salmon season in Alaska, and he never returned to his undergrad studies in physics. He returned to his hometown of Kansas City, where he worked as a baker and pastry chef. He gradually shifted to savory cooking at the American Restaurant, a four star institution under the direction of James Beard Award winning chefs, Michael Smith and Debbie Gold. While at the American, he met renowned chefs from across the country, cooking at events in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco and Seattle. In 2001, David traveled to Switzerland, working in an alpine chalet for six months before traveling through Italy, France and England on a working tour of Europe. After returning to the States, David moved to Portland to work with Cory Schreiber at Wildwood. The following year, he joined forces with his college friend, Jason Owens (from the road trip), and created Axis Supper Club, hosting five course dinners served once a week in Jason’s garden. In early winter of 2003, Morgan Brownlow recruited David as his opening sous-chef at Clarklewis, scandalously becoming the Oregonian’s “Restaurant of the Year” only four months later. Scott Dolich then hired David to become the chef de cuisine of Park Kitchen in 2005. David instituted a whole animal butchery and charcuterie program, and collaborated with Scott for several years to establish a unique style of cooking. He has become deeply connected to his local farmers and ranchers, and an avid home gardener and forager. He still makes frequent culinary tours of Europe and Japan to expand his knowledge of ingredients and techniques.